Thursday, 3 April 2014

Piano Exams Sund April 6th 2014


Sunday 06 April 2014
36 McGarry Street Eight Mile Plains 4113

Important Things to Know:

  • Please be in attendance 10mins before your exam is scheduled to start.
  • Students must know the names of the songs they are performing for the exam.
  • You must bring all music for songs, even if you are playing from memory as the examiner needs to see the music.
  • If you are playing your songs with a CD backing, you must bring those CDs with you. Also mark on your songs the track numbers as that will make it easier on the day.
  • Most students have a choice of ear tests (aural) or sight reading. It is important that students know exactly what test they are suppose to do. If you are not sure you must check with your teacher. Please note students sitting Piano Performance exams are not required to do either.
  • The examiners are very nice people and if you are not sure what they are asking you to do, just say “I don’t understand the question”, they won’t bite. Sometimes if they ask the question in a different way, you will understand.
  • Students will be playing on a Grand Piano. Make sure that they know this before their exam and explain that it will be exciting and fun to play such a nice piano. Also make sure students know that every piano feels different and unique but this will not affect their exam. They will only notice at the start and once they start playing they will quickly forget about it.
  • If you child has any special needs or learning difficulties please make sure the office knows and we will be able to help. The AGMED is very flexible in these situations.
  • Once your exam is finished you are free to go.
  • Within a few weeks, you will receive a report which tells you what mark you received and all the comments made by the examiner. A few weeks after the report you will receive your certificate.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Top 10 Reasons why Kids Don't Practice

Hi Everyone,

If your child loves to practice, and never has to be reminded, ordered or bribed to do it, then that is wonderful. However, you are in the VAST MINORITY. Most children will baulk at practice, and below are the top 10 reasons why.

Click to read Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Don't Practice

Samantha Coates is a professional pianist and teacher with over 25 years experience in both private and group tuition. She is the author and publisher of BlitzBooks, the music education series that has captured the imagination of students across Australia and transformed the teaching of music theory, sight reading and general knowledge.

She writes a blog and when I saw this article I thought that every parent should take the time to read this. We also use her excellent theory books!

Malcolm Smith
Keyboardkidz General Manager

Monday, 3 February 2014

December 2013 Exam Results

Congratulations to the students who sat their exam in December. Once again the students at KeyboardKidz did extremely well with 27 out of 30 students sitting their exam achieving a distinction or higher!

Name Level % Result
Celestine Truong Level 4 98 High Distinction
Anita  Dam Level 5 92 Distinction
Jonathan Basri Elem 91 Distinction
Tiffany Basri Prep 98 High Distinction
Lily Guiney Prep 95 Distinction
Lara Kvyatkovska Prelim 97 High Distinction
Rainasyia Qutratuain Elem 96 High Distinction
Mariah Wilson Elem 94 Distinction
Willow Roberts Elem 93 Distinction
Richelle Jelacic Prep 96 Distinction
Estella Le Level 1 95 Distinction
Hao Huang Level 2 86 Honours
Jay Yip Prelim 79 Credit
Theo Meunier Prep 96 High Distinction
Connor Bazaine Level 1 96 High Distinction
Lauren Thomas Prelim 94 Distinction
Annabel Yunker Prelim 98 High Distinction
Jimmy Le Prelim 93 Distinction
Alice Hynd Elem 97 High Distinction
Elizabeth Roe Prep 98 High Distinction
Kyla O'Shanassy Level 1 90 Distinction
Annie Baird Level 1 95 Distinction
Akshaya Selvarajan Prep 98 High Distinction
Yazhini  Karuppasamy  Prep 97 High Distinction
Waseqa hasan Level 6 89 Honours
Becky  Telfer Elem 95 Distinction
Isabel Davies Level 2 92 Distinction
Vendi Pathirana Prep 97 High Distinction
Lynette Wong Level 5 91 Distinction
Nicholas Pulvirenti Level 3 96 High Distinction

Friday, 22 November 2013

2013 End of Year Concert Program

Dear Parents and Students,

Below is the 2013 End of year Concert program.

Concert Details
Sunday 8th December
Gehrmann Theatre
Brisbane Girls Grammar
Gregory Terrace Spring Hill

Tickets for family and friends can only be purchased on the day.
Adults $10
Children $5 (under school age are free)
Please arrive 10mins before your concert is due to start.

Once the concert starts you are expected to remain until the end as a matter of courtesy to the other students performing.

9am Concert
First Name Surname Age Teacher
Lucy Bishop 7 Zoey
Alice Bishop 5 Zoey
Thomas Cash 8 Brandon
Anita Dam 11 Grace
Isabel Dowd 7 Daniel
Nicholas Driessen 8 Andrew
Owen Ferguson 8 Casey
Emily Graham 8 Brandon
Lily Guiney 7 Jessie
Ella Harman 7 Yubo
Leroy Hunter 8 Sue
Declan Jolly 10 Sue
Lara Kvyatkovska 7 Daniel
Ellyse MacDonald 8 Daniel
Alisa McKenzie 9 Daniel
Arran McKenzie 7 Daniel
Theo Meuiner 6 Bell
Kyla O'Shanasy 11 Daniel
Holly O'Shanasy Daniel
Behrad Rahiminia 8 Brandon
Chloe  Robinson 8 Andrew
Alexander Sheldon 9 Daniel
Lachlan Stanley 8 Yubo
Becky Telfer 7 Lewis
Ben Thomas 6 Andrew
Ka Bo To 7 Rikky
Ka Ka To 5 Rikky
Luka Wall 6 Daniel
Mia Westermeier 9 Zoey
Zara Wood  7 Andrew
10am Concert
First Name Surname Age Teacher
Jonathan Basri 10 Lewis
Tiffany Basri 8 Lewis
Elysia Chiesa 12 Zoey
Ella Cierpicki 9 Zoey
Geoffrey Crofton 8 Brandon
Matthrew Dearling 13 Daniel
Steven Durick 13 Serena
Hasara Ekanayake 7 Lewis
Alisa Harradine 5 Ruby
Melissa Hendry 9 Gloria
Ciaran Hirst 7 Alyson
Adam Hugill 10 Alyson
Anissa Hunter 12 Alyson
Paige Johnson 7 Wei Wei
Joshua Leung 12 Serena
Lachlan Leung 10 Serena
Arwen Linnett 9 Sam
Sophia Linnett 7 Sam
Zoya Litvinyuk 7 Zoey
Konstantinos Misopapas Sam
Ethan  Morrison 10 Serena
Charlotte Morrison 7 Serena
Nina Obermair 9 Brandon
Sumedh Raikwar 12 Lina
Elizabeth Roe 6 Sam
Stephanie Rosenthal 6 Yubo
Sachiko Metzner Yubo
Lilith Rose  12 Serena
Kaitlyn Watts 10 Yubo
Samuel Wong 11 Lina
Nathan Wong 9 Lina
11am Concert
First Name Surname Age Teacher
Harry Broad 11 Brandon
William Broad 10 Brandon
Grace Broad 8 Brandon
Austin Cancio-Newton 6 Sam
Amy Carpenter 9 Sam
Evan Findlay 11 Daniel
Juno Flath 8 Sue
Oliver Gentile 6 Sam
Joseph Gentile 8 Sam
Vijay Hari 10 Lewis
Caileight Jell 10 Gloria
Evie Kolff van Oosterwijk 6 Gloria
Jayden Lane 7 Chloe
Jimmy Le 8 Yubo
Grace Mak 10 Serena
James Mak 7 Serena
Ryan McCarthy 8 Daniel
Jamie Pham 8 Grace
Alice  Phillips 7 Sue
Allegra Pincerato 9 Casey
Willow Roberts 9 Casey
Ciara  Ross 10 Serena
Guy Ross 8 Serena
Charli-Jade Schneider 6 Andrew
Annabella Shannon 8 Gloria
Anishka Shenoy 15 Serena
Katya Sitnikova 7 Serena
Sarah Taylor Esther
Lauren Thomas 8 Lewis
Luka Van Buuren 6 Zoey
Lola Dobson 7 Daniel
Yangyang Wang 8 Nicole
Sophie Watts 8 Ruby
Gilbert Sy 6 Lina
Alex Budden Sue
Madison Wruck 12 Serena
12.30pm Concert
First Name Surname Age Teacher
Sena Anderson 5 Andrew
Guenesh Anderson 7 Andrew
Harry Anstey-Walsh 10 Kitty
Mary-Beth Bergmann 9 Lina
Rainasyia Candra 11 Lewis
Taneen Estah 8 Jessie
Gabriella  George 8 Alyson
Helena George 10 Alyson
Lorena George 12 Alyson
Simone Gloag 9 Alyson
Ben Gregory 10 Yubo
Anna Hehir 7 Alyson
Ellie Hehir 9 Alyson
Alexis Hood 11 Daniel
Lucie Hood 10 Daniel
Sophie Iskander 6 Yubo
Yazhini Karuppasamy 5 Sam
Estella Le 10 Evonne
Polly McKelvey 9 Gloria
Aisha Muliawan 10 SUe
Jayden Phan 8 Ruby
Giancarlo  Sciacca Brandon
Isabella Sorbello 7 Lina
Patrick Telfer 10 Daniel
Spencer Tomlin 7 Evonne
Vienna Tran 7 Yubo
Sophie Vernyik Ruby
William Wicks 12 Zoey
Eddie Wicks 10 Alyson
Henry Lutz Sue
Cameron Woodley 11 Sam
David Yu 7 Sam
1.30pm Concert
First Name Surname Age Teacher
Dasuni Arachchige 9 Joseph
Jorja Ashton 8 Yubo
Breanna Boyd Williamson 13 Serena
Jane Brewster 7 Casey
Geogia Coman 10 Gloria
Jessica De Lange 12 Yubo
Emma De Lange 10 Yubo
Haydn Dyer 16 Nicole
Kevin Flanagan 9 Casey
Max Hart 8 Bell
Xun Hao Huang 8 Brandon
Xun Toa Huang 10 Brandon
Kay Kaiqi Huang 5 Serena
William  Kasper 11 Daniel
Dylan Kevern 9 Serena
Mary  McCarthy 6 Grace
Ruby  McCarthy 7 Grace
Vedithya Pathirana 11 Lewis
Sandithya Pathirana 11 Lewis
Tom Rieger 7 Kitty
Jack Rieger 8 Kitty
Jasmine Sakzewski 10 Daniel
Aman Sandhar 7 Daniel
Georgie Saunders 12 Mal
Akshaya Selvarajan 10 Sue
Nicholas Sluggett 14 Zoey
Amelia Smith 9 Daniel
William Vanman 7 Yubo
Nikko Zheng 12 Serena
Oscar Wright Yubo
Richelle Jelacic Lina
Petra Bosma Yubo
Crystal Tao Lina
Michaela Cheong 11 Ruby
Olivia Telford Yubo
Chloe  Mather Lewis
Mia Van Wensveen Gloria